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Poetry Recitation

Our Poetry Recitation competition is held during Term 3.
The competition is a compulsory component of this term's program and will be held during WEEK 4.

The following guidelines will help you to prepare:

  • The time limit for Year 6  - MAXIMUM 2 minutes.
  • You are not permitted to use palm cards.
  • No song lyrics or poems by Ken Nesbitt.
PLAN to be prepared for your performance.

Week 1:
 Choose your poem. Time yourself reading it to ensure that it meets the 2 minute time requirements. Email me the name of your poem.

Week 2:
Practise each night. Record yourself and evaluate your progress. Remember to pay attention to pitch, pause, pace and expression.

Week 3:
Make a video of yourself performing the poem. Evaluate your performance in terms of pitch, pace, pause and expression but this time factor in facial expression and body language - your stance and gestures. Keep practising!

Week 4:
Perform for the class.

Week 5:
Stage 3 Semi Finals. August 22nd

This site provides some useful tips:  

The RUBRIC for the competition can be found HERE.